Click & Collect - FAQ

Can I reserve any item via the website? 
Some items on the website can only be purchased online. These are not stocked in our stores and therefore cannot be reserved. The individual item clearly marked to say that it can only be purchased online.

How will I know whether the item is in stock at the store?
Find the item you wish to reserve and click the link 'Reserve and Collect in Store'. You should be able to see the quantity in stock at each store.

Should I pay online or in the store?
For Click & Collect, payment is made in the store.

When will my items be ready for collection?
30 minutes  after placing your order on, you will receive an email and text informing you that your items are ready for collection.

When will my items be ready for collection if I have ordered outside the store's opening hours?
Reservations made outside the store's opening hours will be processed as soon as the store opens. Once the store employees have your items ready for collection, you will be alerted via email and text message.

Where should I collect my items from?
To collect your items, simply ask a member of staff in the store.

What should I bring when collecting my items?
To collect items, you must show your confirmation of reservation. You can either print the confirmation or show the email or text message, which you will have received on your mobile phone.

When is the latest I can collect my items?
We reserve your items until the following day, within the store's opening hours. If, for example, you reserve an item on Monday, the latest you can collect it is Tuesday before store closing time.

Is there a 14-day returns period for items bought as Click & Collect?
Yes, when you order an item as Click & Collect, the 14-day right of return applies as usual.

Can I cancel my reservation?
The confirmation of reservation you receive by email will include a link which you must click if you wish to cancel a reservation.

Is it possible that something I have reserved may turn out to be out of stock?
Unfortunately it can happen that a reserved item is not in stock in the store. In that case, the member of staff in the store will try to help you find an alternative.

Who should I contact if I have any questions other than those listed above?
For other questions, contact Customer Service