Foldable and travel guest beds for all occasions

Have you ever invited family and friends to stay and then wondered where on earth you are going to put them? A guest bed from JYSK is a quick and easy solution to provide an instant billet for visitors without breaking the bank or taking up lots of storage space in between times. Choose from a selection of fold up beds and fold away beds for easy options. Folding beds are also a perfect alternative to the sofa or a daybed if you need extra sleeping space for your guests. We also offer folding beds with wheels which are a great feature if you want to roll away the bed to a corner of the room until it is going to be used again. Shop online or at your nearest JYSK store.

Choose a guest bed or fold-up bed for a practical solution

A fold-away bed is a smart solution for occasional overnight accommodation and makes a change from putting guests up on the sofa or consigning them to a sleeping bag and camping mat on the floor. They are also a practical solution if you do not have a trundle bed as they can easily be folded up. You can also take your fold-up bed with you if you’re planning a weekend camping or contemplating a night away from home with no prospect of a bed at your host’s house.

JYSK’s folding beds comprise a simple folding metal frame with slats and a mattress. At JYSK, you will also find a large selection of duvets, pillows and duvet covers for your night guests.