Bath mats that add style to your bathroom

A bath mat is a welcome treat for your feet bringing warmth and texture to the bathroom floor when you step out of the bath or shower and even when you spend time in front of the mirror. With a bathroom mat, you can also avoid getting cold feet from the hard tile floor if you opt for something soft and fluffy. Renew your bathroom with a new bath mat, available in different colours, patterns and sizes. At JYSK, we have a wide selection of bath mat sets, non-slip mats and bath mats in cotton, plastic and bamboo, with and without fringe, round or square - there is something for everyone and for every need. Explore our range and find a good offer.


Many homes are decorated with a mat in front of the mirror, under the toilet or as a soft and dry surface when you get out of the shower. In addition to these comfortable fabric mats, we also have a large selection of non-slip bath mats for the bath or shower cabin, so you avoid falling into the bath - this can be especially practical for small children or the elderly. They are available in classic neutral white and grey colours. These mats are made of either plastic or natural rubber.

Most of our cotton bath mats are made with latex or rubber on the back, which also reduces the risk of slipping on the floor.


Whether you have a new or old bathroom, it requires small means to spruce it up and make it modern. Accessories can make a big difference, and are a cheap investment. Give your bathroom a mini-makeover on a budget.