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New trend in JYSK: Creative Mind


Category: Inspiration

Say hello to the new, playful and unpretentious trend in JYSK called CREATIVE MIND. This trend combines feminine patterns with ethnic details and creates an inviting environment. With the influence from a bohemian style and the hippie era, it opens your mind. 

Follow the CREATIVE MIND trend, and create an airy living room with light furniture like the EGEDAL armchair or the LISELEJE armchair in rattan.

With soft and expressive materials, such as wood and velour, this trend makes room for being quirky and unpredictable. Experimenting with new and unusual combinations is central to creating this trend. Don't restrict yourself but think outside the box. Combine DAMMEN dining chairs in different colours around the RINGSTED dining table with the distinct 70's look.

The colour scale in the CREATIVE MIND trend is kept in light shades to complement the soft expression, sometimes with curry-yellow shades as an eye-catching element.

Prints on textiles and ceramics are a mix of vintage oriental styles and techniques such as paisley and block-printing.

Create little sceneries with items that match each other. They don't have be there for any other reason that they complement each other and make you happy.

An interior design with untraditional solutions and a touch of playfulness can boost your creativity, bring out new sides of your home – and possibly yourself.

CREATIVE MIND is one of three new indoor trends in JYSK this season. Our skilled Range and Design team has carefully defined them and handpicked products that match each trend. Let yourself be inspired by the two other trends too: THE THINKER and HUMAN NATURE.