Inspiration for your bedroom makeover

Your bedroom should be a place where you can completely unwind. If it’s messy, lifeless or impersonal, it’s time for a makeover.
Fortunately, improving your bedroom is simple. Whether you need a major or minor makeover, we can help you along the way.
Read our tips and tricks to breathe new life into your bedroom in an easy and personal way.


Create order in the bedroom

In everyday life, you should be able to throw a shirt in a random place on your way out the door, but overall order contributes to a calm atmosphere in your home.
If you have trouble keeping track of things in your bedroom, it could be because it just needs its own space.
Clothes, shoes, jewellery, and other accessories can quickly turn into clutter, but with the right tricks, their storage becomes part of the decorative expression in your bedroom.
Boxes and baskets, for example, can be used to organise the wardrobe, particularly for smaller pieces of clothing or shoes that often take up more space than they should.
You could also consider a chest of drawers to hold your smaller objects. Drawers are an excellent way to keep track of smaller items.
Lastly, you can use wicker baskets, which can go under the bed or stand on their own on the floor.

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Display your favourite items on coat racks

Coat racks are usually hidden in the hallway or behind a door, but a decorative coat rack can easily hang from the wall of a bedroom. Hang your favourite scarves or everyday necklaces on it to create order while also adding a personal touch.


Invite nature into your bedroom

Natural materials can make a bedroom feel more peaceful. Think about using wood, wool, and soft fabrics to create a calm and pleasant space.
Try putting a comfortable wool throw on the bed, a lambskin on the chair and adding some soft cushions. You may also want to explore adding wooden furniture or shelves.
Plants and flowers are also excellent choices for your bedroom. They bring a breath of fresh air to the bedroom while also providing something green to look at.
If you don’t have a green thumb, go for artificial plants instead. They look nice and do not need to be watered.



Nature creates texture

Natural products add texture to an interior in a way that man-made materials can’t, and the colours found in nature are perfect for the bedroom. Use nature to make things interesting, fun and cosy


Highlight your personal style

Balance is the key to making the bedroom feel like the right place to be. Empty walls are rarely interesting on their own.
With nothing on the walls, a room can appear unfinished, and it also affects the acoustics.
However, an overcrowded wall can be distracting, so striking a good balance is essential.
You can give the wall some personality by putting together a gallery wall. Choose a wall in the bedroom and hang different types of decoration:

• Photographs
• Drawings
• Paintings
• Textiles
• Woodcuts
• Coat racks

Mirrors also work well in the bedroom, where they help diffuse the daylight and make the room seem more spacious. Feel free to play with the shapes: a square, tall mirror on one wall can easily be combined with a round mirror on another.
There are also many types of frames available for mirrors and other wall decorations that can add variety and character. Natural wood, painted wood, gilded or steel frames allow you to create a look that is uniquely your own.
Consider the width of the frame. A small photo or poster could work well in a heavier frame, but a large mirror might look better with a thin frame. It depends on your style and how the frames work with the rest of the room.
The walls are not the only hard and often empty surfaces in the bedroom. The floor is something that is often overlooked. The right rug transforms the floor into an inviting design element in the space while also providing a soft surface on which to step first thing in the morning.



Make it personal

Mixing different items with some of your own things makes for a unique look that reflects your personality.


Give the bed a new look

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom. It’s most likely the piece of furniture in which we spend the most time in our everyday lives. You can, of course, consider purchasing a new bed, but there are several choices that can spruce up a bed with just a light makeover:

• Consider a new duvet cover set or bed throw. It’s an easy way to change the overall look of the bedroom.
• New decorative cushions, or simply covers, and a throw can create the experience of luxury that you normally find in a hotel.
• A headboard can help create atmosphere in the bedroom and make it more comfortable to sit in your bed. You can add a headboard in either fabric or wood, and it’s easier than you might think.



Choose the right headboard

A fabric headboard adds comfort to the bed while also helping to regulate sound in the bedroom, whilst a wooden headboard offers a touch of nature and is easy to clean.


Control the light with curtains

You can choose how much light and sun you want to let in. It depends on how much light you want to let in and which way your bedroom faces.
If you choose to combine blinds or roller blinds with curtains, you can both control how much light you let in and create a special atmosphere in the bedroom.
A layered effect with curtains:

1. Start with a roller blind closet to the window. If you want to block out light completely, you can use a blackout roller blind.
2. Next you can add some heavy curtains that preferably reach all the way to the floor. They make the room feel cosy, and the heavy curtains will also help keep the heat in.
3. The last layer is a light, sheer curtain that gives the room a soft glow.

Set the mood with the right lighting

Lamps are very important for the atmosphere in the bedroom. If the light is too cold and sharp, it can be uncomfortable. On the other hand, it can be difficult to find your way around if the lighting is too dim.
Therefore, it is a good idea to have several lamps, each with its own purpose. Basically, you need both bright light for orientation, and lamps with a softer light to create cosiness.
If you like to read in bed, a reading lamp is a good idea. You could consider one that’s mounted on the wall, or perhaps a floor lamp that provides concentrated light where you need it.



LED light in the bedroom

Use LED tealights in the bedroom to achieve a cosy atmosphere without the risk of fire. LED lights give off clear, real light and don’t drip like regular candles do. In addition, you can get LED tealights with a timer function, so you don’t have to think about switching them on or off.